How to Cut a Confederate Rose Bush & Replant it


The confederate rose bush, also known as Hibiscus mutabilis, can either be a large shrub or multi-stemmed tree reaching a height of 15 feet. Although commonly called a rose, it's actually in the hibiscus family. This shrub is native to southern China but can be found anywhere that has a mild winter climate. It can be easily propagated from cuttings. Although the shrub is best propagated in the spring, cuttings can be rooted anytime.

Step 1

Cut individual stems off the bush at 12 inches in length.

Step 2

Remove all but the two leaves off of each stem.

Step 3

Fill the jar with water and stand the cuttings up in the jar. Place the jar in an area that receives a decent amount of sun. An east or south window is ideal. Roots should start developing within two weeks. Allow the roots to develop to a length of 2 inches.

Step 4

Prepare the pots with a high-quality potting mix. Plant one cutting per pot and keep them as houseplants until April.

Step 5

Locate a spot in your garden that receives full sun or light shade. Dig a hole and plant the cuttings at the same height they were planted in their pots.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Quart-size jar
  • 6-inch pots
  • Potting mix
  • Small shovel


  • Floridata: Hibiscus Mutabilis
  • Texas A&M University: Hardy Hibiscus
  • Hibiscus
Keywords: confederate rose bush, individual stems, pruning shears, quart-sized jar, 6-inch pots, potting mix

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