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Every flower in existence originates from a wildflower. Annual, biannual and perennial plants grow in the wild, all of which are appealing in floral bouquets and arrangements. You can find wild flowers in fields and back yards or any patch of soil where seeds have fallen. Seeds are dispersed by birds, animals and the wind to self-seed in fields, roadside soil and dry ditches or stream beds. However, it is imperative that you find out whether or not you can legally pick those flowers.

Harvesting Kit

You need a few supplies for a successful flower harvesting excursion. It's important to have a knife and a pair of heavy duty scissors for cutting the stems of wildflowers. It can be damaging to a plant to hand pick the flowers, as it is possible to pull the entire root system out of the ground. If possible carry containers with water to put the thirsty flower stems into immediately. If you're on a walking excursion, carry plastic bags with soaked paper toweling in them. Carry thick protective gloves or a set of tongs to hold the stems of thorny plants when you're cutting them.


Wild flowers differ from one region of the country and climate to another. You can gather Rudbeckia hirta or Black-eyed Susan, Queen Anne's lace also known as wild carrot, lupine, Sweet William, rose mallow, clover, daisy, New England aster and poppies by the armload for bouquets. Dainty flowers such as the wild violet and johnny jump-up are perfect for miniature bouquets settled into small glass containers. Goldenrod is a sturdy, colorful plant with a heavy stalk filled with blossoms. It's an allergy source, so make sure no one who will be around the arrangement will be bothered by it.


Grow your own wild flower butterfly garden. The flowers will add beauty to your property and create a place for bees, butterflies and birds to feed and thrive. Milkweed provides a place for Monarch butterflies to lay their eggs, then it provides food for the larvae, so take only a few of the fragrant blossoms for your wildflower bouquet. Be selective when gathering wild flowers to keep your garden growing strong. Depleting the flowers will cut down on your exterior display.

Floral Arrangements

Wild flowers with delicate stems do best in a vase for a bouquet. Insert sturdier stems into the spongy floral foam that florists use for flower arrangements. Wild flowers look best when you arrange them in the same type of wild mixture that nature grows them in. Combine colors and types in your bouquet. Arrange a bouquet with one type of flower, such as Black Eyed Susan, for an elegant dinner table arrangement. Add mature grass stems for an airy touch.


Inform yourself of laws regarding protected flowers, which you may not pull from the wild. If you're found in possession of a protected wild flower, you can be fined per stem. Never gather flowers on public land, protected preserves, roadside or from private property whether it is posted or not. Ask permission to gather wild flowers from privately owned land.

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