Anthurium Care Tips

The anthurium plant (also called the flaming flower) comes from Central and South America and is part of the Araceae plant family. The blooms come in white, orange and pink colors and last anywhere from eight weeks to nearly year-round. Anthuriums are graced with colorful, glossy, heart-shaped leaves and a longevity of five years or more when provided with proper care.


An anthurium needs consistent exposure to moderate to high humidity. Otherwise, the plant will produce leaves with brown tips. Purchase a humidifier for the room with the plant or try a low-tech method instead, such as fill a tray with water and pebbles and place the pot with the anthurium on top.


Yellow leaves on an anthurium mean the plant is receiving too much water. Remedy this by unplugging any drainage holes on the container, watering less and re-potting the plant in peaty soil mix with perlite to provide air around the roots.


If your anthurium has yellow lower leaves with brown tips, then you might have given it too much fertilizer. To remedy this, water the plant completely using lukewarm water and allow extra water to drip out from the drainage holes for half an hour. Repeat the process, and then continue fertilization after a month, using fertilizer with half of the strength you had been using.


The anthurium plant develops another crown near the main one separated by more than one inch. When the time to re-pot approaches, pull out the new crown gently and plant it in a small container. If properly cared for, it should bloom after approximately one year.

Fungus Gnats and Other Pests

If small insects fly around the soil surface, then fungus gnats have found a new home amongst your plant. To get rid of them, deprive the gnats of constant moisture by allowing the soil surface to dry between waterings. You can also attract and trap them with yellow sticky traps near lights, or drench the soil in Gnatrol (a product widely used in commercial greenhouses). Re-pot the anthurium as a last resort. To keep other pests away, occasionally wipe the leaves with a damp cloth or finely spray the plant with warm water.

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