What Are the Recommended Tomato Varieties for Upside Down Tomatoes?

The advent of upside down planters has sparked a revival in growing tomatoes at home. The process of growing tomato plants in the opposite direction eliminates the need for support and staking, strengthens stem structures and eliminates many disease and pest threats. Choose determinate hybrid or heirloom tomato varieties with smaller root structures for best results.

Husky Cherry Red

The Husky Cherry Red is a dwarf indeterminate that produces clusters of 1-inch cherry tomatoes on plants that grow just over 4 feet tall. Husky Cherry Reds mature within 60 to 65 days, when planted from seed.

Window Box Roma

Window Box Roma is a determinate hybrid specifically created for container gardening. Producing pear-shaped fruits that are perfect for salads and sauces, Window Box Roma tomatoes mature within 70 days of planting.


The Totem variety is a dwarf determinate cultivar that only grows 10 to 12 inches tall. The small, dark red fruit is perfect for salads or fresh eating. Totems mature within 70 days of planting.


The Celebrity hybrid is an award-winning variety that produces clusters of 8 to 12 oz. fruits on sturdy vines. Enjoyed for its high resistance to disease, Celebrity is a determinate ready for harvest within 70 days of planting.


The Bellstar is a determinate paste tomato that grows on a compact plant. Crack-resistant fruits, which grow from 4 to 5 oz., are excellent for paste, juice, sauces and canning. Bellstar tomatoes mature within 70 days of planting.


The Taxi tomato is a determinate variety that produces intense yellow fruits on compact, 2-foot plants for up to 4 weeks. These vibrant, golden-yellow fruits, which mature within 80 days of planting, enhance salads and salsas with mild, non-acidic flavor.

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