Flower Planting Ideas

Like pots of paint, flowers provide a beautiful palette to decorate the outdoor landscape. Creating a unique garden requires consideration of the gardener's preferences, as well as the types of plants best suitable to a location. Flower planting ideas range from container gardens to patterned placement of plants in a flower bed. Design considerations include balanced planting to create an organized garden and asymmetrical plant placement with a focal plant.

Pocket Gardens

The concept of pocket gardening lies in creating a small garden in any available space. Cracks in walls, spaces between stepping stones or tiny gaps in brick walls present the opportunity for an expected garden. Add enriched soil to this small nook and choose a plant that suits the growing requirements. Don't limit your pocket garden design to flowering annuals. Choose foliage perennials or succulents and remember to water these treasures as you would other landscape plants.

Unique Container Gardens

Container gardens range from traditional terra cotta planters to whimsical containers found around the home. Containers allow the gardener to express his or her own personality as well as to lend a personal touch to the landscape. Select containers from discard items around the home. Cut out the seat of an old chair and sink a wire basket lined with sphagnum moss into the center. Plant with a riot of blooming annuals and place into the garden. Find an old boot, punch a few holes for drainage and fill it with cascading vinca vine. Find an old watering can and create drainage holes in the bottom. Pour soil into the center of the watering can and plant your choice of flowers. Tailor planting choices and positioning of the container garden to match the needs of the plants.

Drift Gardens

Most gardeners realize that plants like company in garden areas. Clumps of plants look better and provide more visual impact in the landscape. The concept of drift planting creates continuous flow through the garden with a profusion of different plants placed in lines or clumps. Choose multiple groups of five identical plants to group together. Plant these groups in lines through the garden. Another option involves choosing plants that bloom at different times during the growing season. For example, plant a clump of annuals next to group of spring blooming perennials. Add another layer of late spring blooming perennials and so on. The idea is to place from individual drifts close together as a transitional blending tool. Once one drift finishes blooming, the next drift begins and benefits from the framing providing by the nearby drifts.

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