Unique Funeral Flower Ideas

Whether you send a wreath, spray, cushion or an arrangement in a vase to the grieving family of the deceased, funeral flowers are ideal to express your sympathy, support and encouragement. It is easy to contact a florist and order a common, general type funeral flower arrangement. It is almost as easy to work with a florist to create a unique funeral floral tribute that will honor the departed.

Symbolic Color

Selecting specific colors of the blossoms in funeral flowers can give a tribute to the deceased or grieving family. If the person died from breast cancer, send an arrangement using only pink flowers in support of breast cancer research, or select another color associated with the fight of a particular disease or ailment the decease died of or supported. For a military or patriotic tribute, flowers in red, white and blue can be chosen.

Floral Cushions

Funeral floral cushions are unusual and time intense to create, but are definitely unique. Called a cushion because it typically is in a general square shape, a funeral floral cushion can also be shaped like an object or animal close to the heart of the deceased. Square floral cushions usually are solid flowers that create a one-of-a-kind design, similar to a small section of a Rose Bowl parade float. They can also be a guitar, car, boat or whatever expresses something people will easily identify with the deceased.

Japanese Ikebana Floral Arrangements

A classic, elegant funeral floral arrangement could be done in the Japanese ikebana style. The root of ikebana is the spiritual and symbolic representation of the flowers and their placement. The flowers used in an ikebana arrangement represent the spirituality of man and his relationship with heaven and earth. Sending a funeral flower arrangement assembled using the practice of ikebana is a strong spiritual gift to the grieving family.

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