How to Empty a Lawn Bag


Lawn bags are useful for bagging up your fallen leaves, grass clipping, yard debris and the cuttings after pruning your shrubs and trees. You can then keep the contents in the bag and discard the whole thing, if desired. However, lawn bags are typically made from plastic and are not biodegradable. For this reason, or perhaps to save some money, you can choose to empty your lawn bags and reuse them, and even recycle them if you want.

Step 1

Wait for a calm day when the wind is not blowing. If it is blowing slightly, stand with your back against the wind so the contents of the bag do not blow into your face.

Step 2

Choose a spot to empty your bag, such as a compost pile. Do not dump any invasive weeds, such as Japanese knotweed, or poisonous vines, such as poison ivy or sumac, into the compost pile or anywhere near your garden, property or lawn. Instead, discard the yard waste still in the bag in your trash or empty the bag at your local yard waste facility.

Step 3

Wear garden gloves and a long sleeve shirt. Yard waste is often prickly and full of sticks and twigs, which can scratch and poke the skin.

Step 4

Turn the bag over and empty its contents. To get everything out, turn the bag inside-out and shake it.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden gloves
  • Long sleeve shirt


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