How to Grow Biodynamic Fig Trees


Biodynamic gardening is a method and philosophy that regards soil and the garden as living organisms. Maintenance of the soil with organic methods is viewed as a responsibility to the next generation. Methods of soil augmentation and improvement include application of organic manures, specific herbal formulas and compost. Crop rotation helps maintain the health of the soil, and green manures are grown between seasons. Growing a fig tree using biodynamic methods utilizes these principles. Figs grow best in a Mediterranean-type dry climate and are hardy to -12 degrees Fahrenheit.

Biodynamic Compost

Step 1

Create a compost pile in the traditional way using green plant debris, brown nitrogen-rich materials such as leaves and newspaper, and manure.

Step 2

Place biodynamic herbal formulas consisting of yarrow, nettle, valerian, oak bark and chamomile 5 to 7 feet apart inside the compost pile. Use a stick or aerator tool to poke holes 20 inches into the compost for the herbs.

Step 3

Add 10 to 20 percent garden loam soil to the compost pile. Add rock powder (greensand, granite dust) to the compost to enrich the mineral content of the final product.

Step 4

Add a "compost starter" to the pile. This is a balanced mixture of organisms, ammonifiers, nitrate formers, cellulose, sugar and starch digesters that further aid the process of decomposition.

Plant the tree

Step 1

Choose a location in the garden that is dry and protected from wind. Fig trees develop to 50 feet and will shade and crowd out other plants. Do not choose a small or crowded spot.

Step 2

Dig a hole twice as deep and wide as the fig root ball. Add 1 shovel full of compost to the hole.

Step 3

Place the fig tree in the hole and fill it with the remaining garden soil. Press down the shovel so the dirt is firmly packed.

Step 4

Water the tree thoroughly to allow roots to spread and begin to take in nutrients from the compost and soil. Water the tree regularly until it is fully established. Mature trees need through irrigation twice a month.

Things You'll Need

  • Compost bin
  • Shovel
  • Biodynamic herbal formulas
  • Rock powder
  • Compost starter


  • California Rare Fruit Growers: Fig

Who Can Help

  • National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service: Biodynamic Farming & Compost Production
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