Types of August Flowers

Flowers that specifically bloom near the end of summer, in August, are a treat. Bursts of color are just what a garden, which has withered under the hot summer sun, needs to liven it up. There are a great variety of August-specific flowers to choose from depending on whether you prefer annuals, perennials, biennials or bulbs.


Annuals bloom the same year they are planted and the more you cut the flowers, the more flowers will bloom, according to "America's Garden Book," by Louise and James Bush-Brown. Annuals that bloom specifically in August include the crown daisy or garland chrysanthemum, which has yellow flowers; Japanese hop, which has small green flowers; moonflowers, which have large white flowers that open at dusk and maurandia, which has purple flowers.

Perennials and Biennials

Perennials flower and seed, year after year, and there are perennials for every climate, season, soil and site according to "Taylor's Master Guide to Gardening." Perennials that flower in August include asters, which are available in purple, pink, red and white; chrysanthemum, which is available in a variety of colors; yarrows, which are available in yellows, white, pink and red; hollyhocks, which bloom in pink, red, white and yellow from June to August; hibiscus, whose large red, white and pink flowers bloom from midsummer to the frost; certain types of iris and coneflowers, which bloom in white or rose and purple from June through October. Biennials that bloom during August include English daisies, which work best in areas with cool summers; Italian bellflowers, which feature pale blue or white flowers; Texas bluebell, with bell-shaped purple flowers and rose campion, which blooms from mid to late summer.


The bulb classification includes corms, tubers and rhizomes, which are all differently shaped bulbs, according to The Complete Idiot's Guide to Gardening." Bulbs are technically perennials in that they will bloom year after year as long as they are protected from frost. Examples of bulbs that bloom in August include tuberous begonias, which begin blooming in the summer until the frost; dahlias, which bloom in late summer; gladiolus, which are available in range of colors and lilies, which bloom in the summer.

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