Flowering Plants for the Patio

Make use of your available gardening space and choose flowering plants for your patio. Select plants suitable for the conditions of your space. Consider climate, available sunlight, wind and maintenance. If you don't want to put a lot of time into your patio garden, don't choose plants that require frequent pruning, or frequent cleanup of spent flowers. Incorporate various containers, but choose those that are heavy enough to withstand windy conditions and provide drainage. Tiered shelving is useful in small spaces and window and rail boxes and hanging baskets provide additional container options. Provide adequate water to patio plants and use liquid or slow-release fertilizers.

Wax Begonia

Wax begonias (Begonia semperflorens hybrids) are compact, bushy perennials with broad, glossy leaves, ranging in color from green to bronze-red or burgundy-red, or green variegated with white, depending on the cultivar. Wax begonia produces clusters of white, pink or red flowers. Grow wax begonias in partial shade locations, in nutrient-rich soil. Plant in masses to add annual color. Wax begonias do not tolerate frost.

Amazon Lily

The Amazon lily (Eucharis amazonica), also known as eucharist lily, is a semi-evergreen, clump-forming, bulbous perennial. Amazon lily foliage reaches a height of 1 foot, with flowers extending 1 to 2 feet beyond the foliage. Its leaves are glossy, dark green and widely lance-shaped, with prominent midribs. Amazon lily flowers are 4-inch-wide, very long-lasting and fragrant. Grow in shade in rich soil and protect against freezing.


Impatiens (Impatiens wallerana) are branching annuals with a spreading habit. Size varies with cultivar, but ranges from 8 to 36 inches tall and impatiens grow quickly. Impatiens have simple, 6-inch-long leaves and flower profusely. Colors range from white, purple, yellow, orange, red and variegated, and come in many forms. Grow impatiens in partial shade (some hybrids tolerate full sun) on a variety of moist, well-drained soils. Water frequently during very hot weather. Impatiens are not frost tolerant.


Plumeria (Plumeria rubra), also known as frangipani, is a small deciduous tree or large shrub suitable for container use in a large patio setting. It is a tropical plant and requires frost protection. Plumerias have large, up to 20-inch-long, stout leaves, and beautiful, 3-inch-wide clusters of fragrant, waxy flowers in shades of white, pink, red or yellow. Plumeria flowers are used for leis in Hawaii. Grow plumeria in full sun on various, well-drained soils.

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