Tier Flower Arrangement Ideas

Tier flower arrangements consist of two or more layers of beautifully arranged flowers stacked on top of one another to form an eye-catching centerpiece or accent piece at a wedding, baby shower, dinner party or formal reception. Use fresh or silk flowers in the same or complementing colors to form an elegant and colorful display.

Earthy Tier Arrangement

Add an earthy touch to your reception with a three-tier terra cotta flower arrangement placed strategically on your front porch or driveway as a welcoming sight for guests. Fill a large round terra cotta pot with good quality potting soil two-thirds of the way. Fill a medium-sized round terra cotta pot the same way and stack it over the soil in the large one, right in the center. Fill a small pot and position it in the center of the medium one. Plant a basic bushy, green plant in the largest pot to form a green base for the tiered arrangement. Plant seeds or seedlings of a short variety of native wildflowers for a colorful display in the medium pot, followed by seeds or seedlings of same-color small flowers in the small pot, such as pansies. This tier flower arrangement will attract attention with its uniform top, varied center and green base.

Contemporary Tier Arrangement

Use your imagination to blend sharp lines of clear glass along with round, spiky flowers to create a contemporary arrangement. Place this arrangement on a center table or near the entrance to form a beautiful conversation piece. Place a 1-foot-wide, 6-inch-high rectangular clear glass vase on a flat surface and lower a 6-inch-wide, 1-foot-tall rectangular clear glass vase into it. Add an even layer of colored marbles at the bottom of each vase, and pour water into both until two-thirds of the way full. Cut orange and white gerbera daisies and lower them into the short vase so they settle just above the rim. Cut white gerbera daisies and lower them into the tall vase so they settle just above the rim. Make sure the daisies are packed tightly together so the water is not visible anymore.

Fancy Tier Arrangement

Turn a three-tier candelabrum into an eye-catching arrangement and display on a center table, mantel piece or entrance table. Select a candelabrum with the center holder taller than the two at the sides. Wind a wide, white ribbon around the base of the candelabrum and knot it into a bow. Create a six-loop bow with the ribbon, cutting off the edges. Leave an inch of stem on a large cream real or silk rose and secure it to the top of the bow. Leave a quarter-inch of stem length on a white silk or real rose bud and place it in the middle of the cream rose. Place this decoration at the top of a candleholder, and repeat the same procedure for the other two candleholders.

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