Flower Planting Crafts

Flower planting crafts can include recycling used or unwanted items into decorative planters. With a little creativity and a few craft supplies, you can transform many common household objects headed for the landfill into flower pots. Another way to craft with planters is to use terra-cotta pots as building blocks. Planter people, birdbaths and fountains are just a few of the crafts you can make with these versatile planters.

Flower Pot People

Flower pot people are simple to make with terra-cotta pots, waterproof construction adhesive and craft wire. Glue two 10-inch-diameter pots rim to rim, to make the body for the planter person. Cut a 2-foot strand of 20-gauge wire for the arms. Glue the center of the wire across the top of the upside-down, 10-inch pot. Glue an upright 8-inch pot on top of the wire and the upside down 10-inch pot, to make the planter person's head. Thread three 1-inch diameter terra-cotta pots upside down over each end of the wire arms. Twist the wire in a small spiral between each pot so that they hang separately from each other, but still overlap a bit. Paint a face on the head planter with paint pens, before panting the flowers.

Tin Can Flower Planter

Kids will enjoy repurposing and decorating tin cans as planters for flowers and herbs. Remove the advertising from the can, clean and dry it completely. File or sand away any sharp metal fragments around the top edge of the can. Decorate the outside of the can with acrylic paints. Attach flat-backed cabochons or mosaic tiles to the can with waterproof adhesive to add design interest. Puncture drainage holes in the bottom of the can. Before planting the flowers, line the inside bottom of the can with small pebbles to help with drainage. Fill two-thirds of the tin can with potting soil and add the flower. Fill in around the flower with more soil.

Boot Planter

Craft a rustic planter for the back porch, patio or garden from an old leather boot. Clean the old boot before spraying it with a leather waterproofing material. Puncture holes in the base of the boot with an awl before lining the inside with pebbles. Planting a flower directly inside the boot is an option, but you can also place a pot inside the boot and put the plant in the pot. The top of the boot should be tall enough to camouflage the pot.

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