Screening Ideas for a Garden

Envelop your garden with natural elements like plants and flowers. Creating a "live" privacy screen creates a constantly evolving garden that blooms to produce color during the year while creating a private oasis. Evergreen plants also help create a constant source of color in the garden while surrounding your garden and acting as a screen.

Freestanding Trellis

A freestanding trellis not only creates a makeshift screen in the garden but it also serves as a spot to grow a flowering vine. Made in tall panels, freestanding trellises block unwanted views and create a private retreat within the garden. Installed side-by-side, they create a private area that still allows light to penetrate. Typically made of wood or plastic, freestanding trellis panels are an alternative to fences because they are built higher to allow more privacy. Along the freestanding trellis, plant a flowering vine like morning glory or clematis. Both with their colorful blooms will have the trellis covered with their bright foliage, while creating a bright burst of color to the garden with their blooms. Grapevines, another striking vine, have a rapid and vigorous growth rate and during the fall months, the leaves change to a fiery orange and crimson color for a showy fall display.


Hedges grow in a wide range of heights and widths to create a screened area in the garden. Hedges such as Chinese holly are evergreen, making for a year-round privacy screen. Growing up to 15 feet tall and 7 feet wide, the Chinese holly helps envelop the space with its upright, dense form. The red berries on the Chinese holly emerge in fall and last into the winter, giving a bit of color to the landscape. Lilac bushes also make striking screens for a garden. Planted along the side of the garden, they light up the space with their blooms. The fragrant blossoms are white, purple, rose or cream and fill the garden with their sweet scent. Lilac bushes grow 8 to 15 feet and 6 to 12 feet wide, making for a well-shielded garden space. They also live for many years to create a long-lasting garden screen.


Tall, thin trees like the Italian cypress or columnar Scotch pine are suitable for small or large gardens. As they grow tall, their width remains narrow to provide privacy but without overtaking the garden. Italian cypress trees also have the added benefit of being evergreen, so they will keep their foliage and color throughout the winter. The upright, slender shape is commanding along the garden, and the dark green to blue foliage adds a brilliant color. Italian cypress trees look particularly striking planted in rows.

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