Homemade Wire Mesh Tomato Cages


Tomatoes are a favorite choice for many gardeners. Tomatoes become heavy as they grow causing the plant to bend. To avoid stems bending and breaking, supports are needed. Sturdy, strong supports can be made out of wire mesh. Homemade wire mesh tomato cages can support both the vine and bush varieties of tomato plants.

Step 1

Lay the wire mesh roll on its side. Unroll the wire mesh. Use the measuring tape to measure 5-foot lengths along the roll. Cut the top wire of the section to mark each 5-foot length with the wire cutters.

Step 2

Cut through the wire with the wire cutters to separate each 5-foot section from the roll until you have all of the sections you need. Cut the horizontal wire directly in front of the next vertical wire to create a flat edge to each section. This will give you eleven prongs on the opposite end of the section.

Step 3

Bend the prongs at a 90 degree angle from the vertical wire with the wire cutters. Make sure to use only enough force when gripping the wire cutters to have a firm hold so as not to cut the wire. Bend all of the prongs in the same direction. These will become the hooks to connect the cage ends together.

Step 4

Use the wire cutters to cut off the bottom rows of horizontal wire sections along the entire length of the cage. Cut roughly 6 inches up into the cage. This allows the vertical ends remaining to become posts that will stick into the ground, thereby holding the cage in place around the tomato plant.

Step 5

Lay a section flat. Bring the two ends together, keeping the top and bottom edges even. Set the hooks created in step 3 over the edge of the opposite side of the section. This hooks the two ends together forming a cylinder. Do the same thing for each section.

Step 6

Line up the cage over the tomato plant so the vertical prongs are at the bottom of the tomato cage. Set the cage around the plant, making sure there is equal room around the entire circumference of the plant. Push down on the top of the tomato cage with both hands set opposite to each other. Push the cage straight down until the bottom horizontal wire touches the ground.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire mesh
  • Wire cutters
  • Measuring tape


  • Cornell University Extension: How to Build a Tomato Cage
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