How to Create an Outdoor Chakra Garden


A chakra garden is a garden specifically designed to support the seven chakra. Chakras correspond to areas in the body that are considered sources of spiritual energy in certain types of yoga. Chakra are usually artistically rendered as radiating circles to represent the expression of energy. In a chakra gardenm the beds of the garden may be circular in shape as part of the chakra representation. Since each chakra is also associated with specific colors, aspects and experiences, these elements are also brought into the garden design.

Step 1

Measure the size of the area you wish to convert into a chakra garden. Transfer your measurements to graph paper so that you can view the entire garden area during your design process. There are seven chakras in the human body, so your design should have seven distinct zones in a hierarchy. Since the chakra is often represented as a circle consider drawing your zones as circles. Use your circle template and a pencil.

Step 2

Design each chakra zone so that it allows for an organic flat stone wide enough to sit and meditate on comfortably. You can also select plantings for each chakra that relate to the meaning and color of the chakra. You will also want to create a direct pathway from one chakra zone to the next so that when you use the garden in meditation, you can easily move up the chakras.

Step 3

Incorporate red elements in your first chakra zone. Keep in mind that you do not need to use all flowers. There are many plants with red leaves, berries and displays that appear red. Chakra 1 is the root chakra and it is related to issues of survival, sexuality and base instincts. This is a primal garden with strong shapes and colors.

Step 4

Support your second chakra (sacral and naval) with a focus on sensuality, self-esteem, and partnered relationships. The color of this chakra is orange, and it reflects the vitality and power of intimacy and the challenges and problems of sexual presentation in the world. This garden should be sensual with romantic perfumes and both the strength and softness of various orange colors.

Step 5

Design the third chakra zone (solar plexus) around personality, authority, control and the color yellow. From this chakra we feel our outrage or quick responses, so the feeling in the garden may be quick and fast; but we also want to support humor, joy, self-control and laughter. A good theme for this zone is spontaneity and brightness.

Step 6

Center the fourth chakra zone in the heart of your garden because it is the heart chakra. The color of love is green. The feeling the garden evokes should be harmony, peace, love, forgiveness and acceptance. Keep in mind that you can bring into a garden like this a cairn of stacked stones to remember someone who has passed or other elements that cause you to think about those you care about.

Step 7

Design the fifth chakra zone as a bridge to the sixth and seventh. The fifth chakra is communication, and its color is blue. A small water feature or fountain is an excellent choice for this garden as it encourages the flow of communication, the movement of dialogue. Keep the design of the water feature in organic or natural elements for the best visual effect.

Step 8

Flow the colors of blue into the purples when you design your sixth chakra zone. A delicate scent, complex plant shapes and geometry are appropriate to this chakra zone. This is the third eye, where the focus is on intuition and thinking. This chakra often has the appearance of radiating lines away from the center, so consider highly organized plantings.

Step 9

Create your final seventh chakra zone by creating a focal point where you can position a Buddha head or meditating Buddha. The color is white. The seventh chakra centers on spirituality and divinity. Some of the flowers or plants should be very fine or translucent and be able to capture the light. Create an exit path that does not force you to re-enter your lower chakras.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Graph paper
  • Pencil
  • Circle template
  • Sharpie pen
  • Colored pencils


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