Brush-Removal Tools

Brush and other yard debris can be challenging to remove. This hard work can be made easier by choosing the appropriate tools of the trade. For every brush removal job, there is a specific tool to help get it done.

Protective Wear

Sturdy gloves, clothes and protective eyewear are an essential part of brush-removal safety. No matter what other tools you use, chances are you will be exposed to sharp sticks, rocks and other dangerous debris.


A chainsaw is used to take down large trees. It can also be used to cut limbs and trunks to manageable sizes for carrying.

Wood Chipper

Wood chippers cut limbs down into mulch. They are especially useful if the area being cleared is being turned into a garden.

Landscape/Leveling Rake

This type of rake is used to create an even surface after large obstructions such as rocks and stumps have been removed. The rake makes it much easier to remove leftover sticks and small debris. It is especially useful for creating a level area in which to broadcast grass seed for lawns.

Wagon and Trailer

Small, hand-pulled wagons can be loaded with roots and limbs to make transporting piles to another area easier. A trailer is used to haul brush for longer distances.

Backhoes and Tractors

These machines are useful in pushing over, digging out and hauling trees, stumps, rocks and other difficult-to-manage debris. They are expensive to purchase, but can be rented by the hour.

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