Flowers to Keep Rabbits Away

Adorable as pets, but a nuisance in the garden, rabbits can destroy a gardeners' hard work. While there are no plants that are guaranteed to keep rabbits away, there are some plants that can reduce a wild rabbit's tendency to graze.


Rabbits dislike all species of Astilbe, a feathery plant commonly known as False Goat's Beard that produces flowers in shades of pink, white and red. The fuzzy texture of the plant will usually keep rabbits, and deer, from nibbling. Astilbe is a low growing, versatile plant that can grow in a range of conditions, from full sun in colder climates to partial shade and shade in warmer regions. The will thrive in moist soil, and will grow well near ponds.

Lamb's Ear

Lamb's Ear (Stachys byzantina) is a perennial plant frequently cultivated for its fuzzy leaves, which resemble lamb's ears. Both rabbits and deer find the texture of lamb's ear unappealing. Excellent as a ground cover, Lamb's Ear is an easy to go grow plant that requires well drained soil and full sun. The plant produces tiny pink or lavender flowers. Lamb's Ear is best for sunny locations that don't have high humidity.


Foxglove (Digitalis) produces tall stalks of tubular flowers that both rabbits and deer tend to avoid. The attractive flowers are white, lavender, hot pink or mauve, and are flecked with darker colors. Foxgloves are fairly hardy, growing in moist, well drained soils. Ideally, Foxgloves will grow best in full sun with light shade in the afternoon. They can grow up to six feet tall in good growing conditions. These biennial flowers reseed easily, so keeping the flowers in the garden isn't a chore.

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