Real Red Rose Headpiece Ideas for a Flower Girl

No flower girl outfit would be complete without some sort of headpiece. Like icing on the cake, an appropriately styled headpiece adds the final touch that takes a pretty costume and makes it stunning. There are a number of styles to choose from, so whether your little flower girl is a toddler or a teen, has long hair or short, one is bound to be just right.


The classic flower girl headpiece is the floral wreath. Using a basic head wreath, wire in five to seven red roses (spaced equally around the perimeter of the wreath) interspersed with baby's breath. Twine white satin ribbons and a single strand of pearls together around the wreath and between the flowers, allowing the ends to flow down the back of the hair. For a simple tutorial on headpiece wreath making, check out

Barrette or Comb

This works well for little girls with a tendency for unruly hair since the barrette holds hair back as well as being decorative. Glue a narrow string of pearls along the top of a wide barrette, leaving plenty of space for adding roses. Add small red rosebuds in a row below the pearls, and for greenery, finish with a few small rose leaves between some of the buds. Make one large barrette for the back of the hair or make two smaller barrettes to wear one on either side. (Use the same technique to decorate a comb for use with a mini veil.)

Banded Hat

For an outdoor wedding in spring or summer, use a pretty white or natural-colored straw hat with a decorated band. Wrap the band with a wide organdy ribbon with long streamers down the back. Glue red rose buds between white daisies and other small flowers in your wedding colors over the ribbon all the way around; add little pom-pom bees with tulle wings for a fresh and whimsical touch.


Start with a plain silk caplet in black or dark green color. Glue small green rose leaves all the way around to just cover the edges of the cap (tips outward). Fill in with the tiniest red rosebuds you find, placed close together to cover the entire cap. Pin a diminutive jeweled butterfly on each side to add sparkle. For a Christmas wedding variation, substitute holly leaves under the rosebuds and add little silver or gold ornaments between rosebuds for the extra shine.


Simplest of all is a back-of-the-head bow, built over a large barrette. Construct a large bow from red or white satin, gluing in long curls of tulle ribbon and floating Swarovski crystals (or petite flowers on "invisible" line) beneath the central knot of the bow. Attach a large, fully open red rose in the center of the bow, and wear high on the back of the head for best effect.

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