Cheap Flower Ideas

Flowers symbolize beauty and are given as a gesture of friendship, appreciation or love to the recipient. Flowers are used to decorate by representing the beauty in certain occasions such as weddings and at celebratory parties. Many people incorporate fresh flowers into their home and office decor to add a sense of natural beauty to an interior space. Many fresh flowers can be very pricey, especially off- season. Choosing cheaper flowers that are equally as stunning will help add visual appeal by still allowing you to stay within budget.


The bride wants to look like a star on her wedding day but those who can't afford to spend in upward of $200 or more on a bouquet of Casablanca and stargazer lilies, peonies, orchids and French roses, need to find similar alternatives that won't break the bank. Stargazers are one of the most sought after lilies for the bridal bouquet and coordinating decorations. An alternative in the lily family is the alstroemeria lily. This charming flower is slightly similar to the stargazer except it has smaller petals and a prominent yellow center. There are several light purple and dark pink varieties that have a similar appearance of the stargazer for a fraction of the cost. According to, most small bouquets average between $20.00 and $30.00. Ask your local florist if you can get a discount if you buy in bulk or purchase other cheap flowers in combination and then make your own bouquet. Other cheap varieties that are popular at weddings include gladiolas that bear a slight resemblance to calla lilies, carnations, daisies and sweet William.

Home Decor

Keeping your home full of fresh flowers can be expensive---especially if you don't grow then yourself. Whether it's for an everyday pick-me-up or you just need a nice bunch of flowers for the table when guests arrive, finding cheap alternatives will make them look even better. Roses add a touch of class and charm to any room and any decor. The problem is many roses can be pricey. For decor, many people prefer to use large old fashioned double roses---these can be hard to locate and sometimes cost twice as much as the tea rose. A cheaper alternative is the ranunculus flower. Ranunculus appears very similar to the floribunda old fashioned double rose. Ranunculus comes in a variety of colors---white, yellow, white, pastel pink and red. Ranunculus has lush, frilly petals that can withstand handling. They look perfect with shabby chic decor, country or Victorian. Ranunculus also look lovely resting in a vintage vase on a nightstand. Other cheap alternatives for home decorating include sunflowers, chrysanthemum, queen Anne's lace, tulip, iris, daffodil and English lavender. Instead of visiting your florist, check out farmer's markets and road side stands for the cheapest deals.


When dating, presenting your partner with a bouquet of beautiful flowers will show compassion and sincerity. Roses and lilies are often popular choices but they can be pricey. A bouquet of wildflowers is a cheap alternative and can be found in your own garden or at area supermarkets like Whole Foods Market and other fine retail stores. Many day old bunches can be found for around $4.00 to $6.00 per bouquet. Another inexpensive flower for a bouquet is an aster. This flower comes in a variety of colors such as pink, purple and light blue. Its delicate daisy like appearance is for simple, fun occasions. Most can be special ordered through a florist or bought at roadside stands or nurseries for around $6.00 to $10.00 a bunch.

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