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Seed catalogs begin arriving in December and January. It is easy to study the pages of a paper catalog or spend hours online discovering how many types of carrot seeds you can buy. As a new or inexperienced gardener you need to learn how to order seeds or you may end up with an excess and a large billing statement. You will find that seeds come in packages that have approximate seed counts or weights, which could allow you to plant a row or half a garden of those crunchy carrots.

Step 1

Study the seed catalog, a retail website or packets at your local garden store to determine what types of vegetables, fruit and flowers you would like to grow. Seeds can be purchased in bulk from a half-pound bag to bags of 50 pounds or more. Small and standard seed packets are available from various retailers.

Step 2

Make a list of the vegetable, fruit and flower seeds that you have decided to purchase and grow for the current season. A website may provide a wish list feature for you to make a list to refer to when ordering. Choose a reasonable variety of seeds that you know you will use. If only one member of your household will occasionally eat green peppers, it may be cost effective to purchase the vegetable at a farmer's market or grocer. Save garden space and your seed budget for produce you will consume or process for winter use. Check a seed calculator to help determine what quantity of seeds you need for each type of plant.

Step 3

Read the information in the catalog or on the seed packet to determine if the crop will grow in your area. If you live in a hardiness zone with a short growing season, it is unwise to purchase seeds for a watermelon crop that takes 150 days to grow to maturity. Choose seeds for plants that are appropriate for your growing period.

Step 4

Place your order online or fill in the order form that is in the seed catalog. Choose seeds that match your organic lifestyle, pelleted seeds for faster germination and packets in the size that best suits your current garden.

Tips and Warnings

  • Pelleted seeds have a shorter storage life compared to non-coated seeds if they are not planted in the season you purchase them.

Things You'll Need

  • Seed catalog


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Who Can Help

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