Deck Landscaping Ideas

Decks are all-purpose areas to use for entertaining, outdoor dining or simply relaxing with your favorite book. Tucked off the kitchen or bedroom, decks can be designed and landscaped to feel like your very own private retreat. Filled with bold and bright flowers and a comfortable outdoor patio set, the deck becomes an extended living space and one to use all year long.

Plant Containers

Flower- and plant-filled containers nestled along the deck create an inviting and colorful display. Made in a wide range of colors and materials, including terra cotta, metal and iron, containers accent the deck and surrounding landscape to create a miniature garden. Versatile, containers come in many sizes to fit small and large decks for your very own makeshift deck garden. For a bold mix and whimsical design, plant bright and colorful plants in varying sized pots. Bright flowers like cosmos and poppies are striking nestled within the container and flanking a set of steps or backdoor. Tall, upright grasses like fountain grass is perfect nestled into large flower containers for a commanding deck presence. Tall trees like ficus or palm trees thrive in containers and create bright green focal points along the deck. Add a patio set nearby and enjoy watching your deck come to life.

Fire Pit

Beckon your dinner guests outdoors to linger into the evening hours by the cozy fire pit. Made of materials like concrete and metal, fire pits keep the deck warm at night, especially during cool fall nights. An ideal deck fire pit is the portable fire pit. Portable fire pits have a protective covering over the top to keep the deck safe. Easily moved around the deck during dinner parties, and easily stored away during the winter, portable fire pits are a landscape must for the deck. Alongside the portable fire pit, add a few Adirondack chairs to relax in while you roast marshmallows or sip a glass a wine and enjoy the night.

Vine-Covered Trellis

Create a lush garden wall along the deck with a vine-covered trellis. Wall-mounted to the deck wall, a trellis brings in additional space for planting outdoor plants while creating a jungle feel to the space. Wood trellises mounted side by side create a showy display and platform for growing lush and hardy vines like jasmine and bougainvillea. Both perennial vines have a rapid growth rate and will have the trellis covered in a short period of time. As their tendrils creep up toward the sun, the trellis brightens with blooms.

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