What Colorful Flowers Can I Plant Outside That Rabbits Don't Eat?

Although rabbits will eat nearly anything growing if they are hungry enough, they do strongly prefer some plants over others. Grow the right flowering plants and the rabbits should avoid your garden provided there are other plants growing nearby.


Rabbits abhor onions of all kinds, so members of the genus allium tend to be quite rabbit resistant. Although not all species of chive, onion, leek and garlic within the allium family are known for colorful flowers, many have quite attractive blooms. Allium flavum, for example, has bright, delicate yellow bells, while Allium giganteum produces a globe of small, vibrant purple blooms.


Poppies are aromatic and have milky sap, two qualities which, according to the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, make them unappealing to rabbits, deer and other critters. From the pale pastels and papery flowers of Icelandic poppies to the bright colors and large seed pods of oriental poppies, the entire genus of Papaver proves highly rabbit resistant.


Narcissus or daffodils are another bunny-resistant outdoor plant. According to the American Daffodil Society, daffodil bulbs contain poisonous crystals that cause squirrels, rabbits and other pests to avoid these spring-flowering perennials. Daffodils are best known for their loud, shockingly yellow blooms, but a variety of different cultivars exist incorporating orange and white into the color scheme as well.

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