Fuchsia Hanging Plants


The intricate flowers of the fuchsia add an ethereal beauty to the outdoor living space. Fuchsia produces a unique dropped flower that frequently blooms upside down on a mature plant. This beautiful plant goes by the name lady's eardrops, a suitable description for the flowers that drape gracefully from the dark green foliage. Gardeners use fuchsia for hanging plants both indoors and outdoors during the warm summer season.


Fuchsia produces lovely dark green foliage to accompany the stunning floral display. Unfurled flowers droop to point toward the ground and feature a tubular petal with a bulb on the end. During bloom, the bulb of the flower opens up to reveal a beautiful round flower in an entirely different color. Color combinations include pink/white, pink/purple, pink/fuchsia and fuchsia/purple.

Sunlight and Temperature Requirements

Fuchsia is sensitive to overexposure to the sun. This plant prefers morning sun exposure and partial shade for the remainder of the day. Plants grow easily indoors if placed in bright indirect sunlight. Blooming will cease when daytime temperatures exceed 76 degrees F. Choose a location featuring a steady 60 to 70 degree temperature for best growing results.

Growing Requirements

Fresh potting soil benefits the plant to provide nutrients to growing roots. Fuchsia requires regular fertilization so the complete transplant and replacement of potting soil will increase blooming ability. Fertilize the plant every two to four weeks with an all-purpose fertilizer. Monitor the soil moisture of the fuchsia hanging plant and water when soil feels dry to the touch. Plants exposed to direct sunlight require additional water. The weeping growth habit of the fuchsia makes this the perfect plant for hanging containers. Gardeners tend to plant this specimen alone in a hanging basic to call attention to the beautiful flowers.

Indoor Care

Schedule moving of fuchsia hanging plants indoors before the first frost. Examine the entire plant for insect infestation before bringing the plant in for the year. Place the fuchsia in a cool location that experiences steady 45 to 50 degree F temperatures. Clip all foliage back to 6 inches and water lightly before storing. Visit the plant weekly and add additional water to prevent the soil from completely drying out.


Promote new growth on the fuchsia by pinching back leaves in the spring to a height of 6 inches. This manner of grooming produces thicker foliage and encourages development of flower buds. Direct pruning cuts to the tips of stems to promote branching of the plant. Fuchsia foliage will fill the hanging container as well as produce even blooms throughout the plant.

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