How to Make a Planter for Seeds With Recycled Paper


Biodegradable seed planters are a handy item for transferring seedlings to your garden without disturbing them. Instead of buying these planters from your local nursery, try a more eco-friendly alternative and make them yourself from old newspapers. This project is simple to complete with only minimal supplies and provides a simple way to give new life to an item that may otherwise end up in the trash. Seed planters made from recycled paper can be planted directly into the ground and will break apart as the plants grow.

Step 1

Cut the newspaper into 1-inch square pieces. You should have enough paper squares to fill 1/3 of the bucket.

Step 2

Fill the other 2/3 of the bucket with water. While this may seem like a lot of water, the newspaper will absorb most of it.

Step 3

Allow the water and paper to sit overnight before attempting to create the planter. If you try to move on before the mixture is ready, the newspaper won't be moist enough.

Step 4

Mash the mixture until it is a semi-liquid mush. Use a hand-held mixer to avoid getting the mess on your hands.

Step 5

Form cup-sized molds with the newly mashed pulp by pressing the pulp inside the large drinking cups. Form the pulp into a 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch layer along the sides and bottom of the cup.

Step 6

Let the cup sit for three days in a dry, well-ventilated area. After three days, the molds should be dry. Remove the newly molded paper cup from the plastic cup.

Step 7

Add the soil and seeds to the newly made paper cup. After the seeds have sprouted, plant the cup containing the seedling in a more permanent location. The recycled paper cup will disintegrate harmlessly over time, allowing the plant's roots to spread out into the surrounding soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Old newspapers
  • Scissors
  • Gallon-sized bucket
  • Water
  • Large drinking cups
  • Electronic hand-held mixer
  • Seeds
  • Soil


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