Easy Ways to Make Wood Planter Boxes

Wood planter boxes are a staple in container gardening. Whether the planter box hangs beneath a window sill or stands on a deck, the wood box can be decorated to coordinate with its surroundings. Another type of planter box is a raised bed planter. These containers are used as gardens in small spaces or as a way to cultivate invasive plants. There are several easy ways to make wood planter boxes; some require little to no building expertise.

Landscape Timber Planters

One of the easiest ways to make a wood planter box is to use landscape timbers. Cut the timbers into short sections equal to the height or the width of the planter box. Stack the cut timbers in a row to create one of the walls for the box. Stack the timbers vertically or horizontally, depending on the desired design for the planter. Connect each wall with two strips of wood across the back, and then join the walls together at the corners with L brackets. Cut a sheet of plywood to fit the bottom of the planter; remember to drill holes for drainage. Attach the bottom panel to the side walls with decking screws. Line the inside of the planter box with plastic sheeting; puncture holes for drainage.

Marine Plywood Planters

Another way to make a wood planter box is with sheets of marine plywood. Cut four wall panels to the desired size of the planter. Account for the width of the plywood as you measure and cut two of the opposing wall panels. For example, if the plywood is 1/2-inch thick, add 1 inch to the width of two panels so they will cover the ends of the other two panels. Screw the sides of the planter box together with decking screws. Measure and cut a bottom panel to fit inside the four side panels. Attach the bottom panel inside the base of the four planter walls with L brackets.

Box Spring Planter Box

An easy way to make a raised bed planter box is to use an old box spring frame. Look for them at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales. Remove all of the cloth from the wooden frame and cut away the spring coils. Coat the entire structure with waterproof paint before placing it in your garden area. Drill drainage holes in the bottom before lining the inside with plastic liner. Remember to puncture holes in the plastic for drainage. Fill the raised planter box bed with potting soil and plant vegetables, herbs or flowers.

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