Crafts for Trellises

Trellises in the garden or yard provide a way for climbing plants to grow vertically and horizontally above ground level. Some trellis structures, such as those for blackberries or grapes, consists of 3 to 6 feet tall vertical posts connected by horizontal strands of wire. Other trellises are more decorative and may be crafted from a variety of building materials.

Colorful Stick Trellis

Craft a decorative trellis from lengths of thin sticks, each one painted a different color. Build this trellis using strips of scrap wood or yardsticks. Create the frame for the trellis by attaching the sticks together vertically to the desired trellis height with decking nails. You'll need one length of vertical sticks for each side of the trellis. Connect the two vertical side posts with horizontal sticks across the top, in the center and at the bottom. Create a horizontal ladders design by adding more horizontal strips between the two side posts. You can also create an abstract design by randomly placing the colorful wood strips across the trellis frame at odd angles.

PVC Trellis

Craft a trellis from 1-inch diameter PVC pipe and fittings to stand along a fence or to create a border in your garden. Connecting lengths of PVC pipe is fast and simple. Cut the pipes to fit the height and width of the trellis design. Spread PVC primer on the inside of the fitting and on the outside end of the pipe. Wait 10 seconds before spreading PVC cement over the same surfaces. Fit the pipe into the fitting and hold it for 15 seconds until the glue dries. PVC fittings allow you to join lengths of pipe at a variety of angles to create the design for your trellis. For example, to connect a horizontal pipe to a vertical pipe, a 90 degree angle elbow fitting will work. If you wish to craft a ladder style trellis, slip T fittings along the length of the trellis side rails will work. A slip T slides over one pipe with a connector jutting out at a 90 degree angle. Design the PVC trellis on paper so you can visualize how many and which type of fittings you will need for the project. Spray paint the finished trellis to mask the construction material and to add color to the garden.

Copper Trellis

Craft a copper trellis from copper pipes and copper fittings to create a decorative trellis that will age beautifully over time. Designing and building a copper pipe trellis is similar to designing and making one with PVC pipe, but the copper fittings should be soldered to the copper pipes. If soldering is not your idea of fun, you can use waterproof construction adhesive to connect the pipes to the fittings. The hold will not be as strong as soldering, but it works.

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