How to Make a Greenhouse with White Sheets


Sometimes building a greenhouse proves to be an impossible task due to space or other issues such as renting instead of owning a property. To remedy this, make a portable greenhouse using white bed sheets and clothesline. The process offers you the ability to enjoy a fine greenhouse garden without the permanence of a permanent structure. White sheets allow insulation and heat distribution for your most prized plants.

Step 1

Measure 84 inches from a side of your house that gets full sunlight.

Step 2

Use the post hole diggers to dig a round hole approximately 8 inches deep approximately 3 inches from the side of your home and another one approximately 84 inches away.

Step 3

Insert a PVC pipe into each of the holes. Make sure the holes are perfectly aligned with one another to create a straight line. Fill in the spaces around the PVC pipes with the previously removed soil, tamping it around the pipe firmly. Make sure the ends that are pointing up have holes bored into the sides at the end of the pipe.

Step 4

Feed one end of the nylon clothesline roll through the holes in the top of one of the PVC pipes.

Step 5

Walk with the end of the clothesline in your hand, continuing to feed it through the end of the PVC pipe until you reach the other PVC pipe 84 inches away. Feed the end of the clothesline through the holes of the other PVC pipe and pull it through the other side.

Step 6

Knot the end of the nylon clothesline two to three times to assure it is secured. Repeat with the other end before cutting it free from the roll.

Step 7

Measure approximately 5 feet to each side of either PVC pipe. Place the tent spikes on the ground to mark the measurements.

Step 8

Pound each tent spike into the ground where it lies.

Step 9

Cut four 7-foot lengths of clothesline from the roll.

Step 10

Tie the end of each length of clothesline to each tent spike, making sure the knots are tight and secure.

Step 11

Tie the free end of each length of nylon clothesline to the inner edge of each PVC pipe. Make sure the clothesline is pulled up from the ground to the tops of the PVC pipes where the other clothesline is already knotted. Once finished, the clothesline and PVC pipes create a makeshift frame with a pitched shape.

Step 12

Hang the ends of one white cotton sheet from the center clothesline, using clothesline pegs. Make sure only the edges of the longest side of the sheet is hanging from the line, with approximately eight pegs holding it in place. Hang the sheet to one side of the line.

Step 13

Repeat step 12, hanging another sheet from the opposite side of the clothesline as the first one.

Step 14

Follow the edges of the clotheslines going down to the tent spikes with the hanging edges of both bedsheets, pinning them into place with the pegs along the clotheslines. Once finished, the structure will resemble a pitched tent made of white sheets.

Step 15

Spread one of the remaining sheets around the opened end of the sheet structure, nearest the house. Pin it into place with the pegs to enclose that end of the greenhouse. Repeat with the final sheet at the other end of the structure, making sure to loosely peg it for ease of access, because it is the entrance of the greenhouse.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Post hole diggers
  • 4 king size flat sheets (white, cotton)
  • 2 PVC pipe lengths, 6 feet long, with 2 holes drilled into the sides at each end
  • Nylon clothesline, 100 feet
  • 4 tent ground spikes
  • Mallet
  • 100 clothes pins with storage sack
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