The Best Way to Kill Bermuda Grass with Vinegar


Bermuda grass is often planted as lawn turf because of its hardiness. But this survivor can quickly grow out of hand and spread into garden beds and other places where it's not wanted. Luckily, Bermuda grass is easy to kill with vinegar. Don't bother reaching into the kitchen cabinet, though. Most household vinegar is only 5 percent acetic acid. To effectively kill Bermuda grass, vinegar must be at least 10 percent acetic acid.

Step 1

Cut the Bermuda grass as close to the ground as possible and wait for it to grow back an inch or so. The vinegar will be optimally effective if applied to actively growing grass.

Step 2

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar.

Step 3

Spray the Bermuda grass on a day with no wind and no rain forecast for the next 48 hours. Coat all of the plant tissue with vinegar, but stop before it runs off.

Step 4

Respray the Bermuda grass as needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Pickling vinegar
  • Spray bottle


  • United States Department of Agriculture: Spray Weeds with Vinegar
  • Moscow Food Co-op: Vinegar as an Organic Weed Killer
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