How to Plant a Shasta Daisy


Native to Europe, the Shasta daisy provides garden landscapes with dense patches of hardy perennial blossoms. They make excellent field flowers on large properties, and they're ideal for thick bordering for a colorful summer flower bed. Growing Shasta daisies at home is a simple task that can be have you enjoying the blooms in as little as two weeks after planting.

Step 1

Choose an 8-foot by 8-foot plat of land in your garden environment in which to plant the daisies. Shasta daisies enjoy full sunlight during the spring and summer months, so choose an area that receives plenty of sun.

Step 2

Turn the ground with the garden hoe by digging into the ground approximately 2 inches in depth. Chop up large chunks of earth to further soften the ground for growing.

Step 3

Pour the potting soil into a pile on the turned earth.

Step 4

Mix the soil with the ground that was just turned, using the garden hoe. Spread the potting soil thoroughly through the loosely ground soil. The potting soil adds nutrients to the ground in which the plants will grow.

Step 5

Plant each seed 1/16-inch deep into the treated soil. Alternatively you can scatter an entire packet of seeds over the surface of the garden plot. Once the area is watered, the seeds will become embedded into the ground without the need to sow each seed directly by hand.

Step 6

Cover the area with a 1-inch layer of mulch. Such mulching materials include peat moss, bark chips and topsoil.

Step 7

Administer up to 3 inches of water every four days to the area in order to provide adequate moisture for the Shasta daisy's growth.

Things You'll Need

  • Shasta daisy seeds
  • Garden potting soil (20 lbs.)
  • Mulch (20 lbs.)
  • Garden hoe
  • Garden rake


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