How to Remove a Weed Eater Edger Blade


Poulan manufactures the Weed Eater brand edger. When you use your edger often, eventually the blade will need replacing. A dull, bent blade is not only ineffective but also dangerous. The Weed Eater edger blade removal process requires one tool. The edger has a locking mechanism to keep the shaft from turning as you remove the blade. Replacement edger blades are available at home improvement centers and Poulan authorized dealers.

Step 1

Disconnect the Weed Eater spark plug boot from the spark plug. Put on a pair of work gloves prior to removing the blade. Bent blades can have sharp edges just like new blades.

Step 2

Locate the locking lever under the edger gearbox beside the adjustment lever. Push in on the locking lever and hold the lever down with one hand while rotating the edger blade with your other hand. The locking lever will fall into one of the grooves in the dust cup. This will lock the shaft but you need to keep holding the lever down.

Step 3

Remove the retaining blade nut from the shaft with a socket wrench. Pull the washer away from the blade and pull the blade off the shaft.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always disconnect the spark plug wire before attempting repairs to gasoline powered machinery.

Things You'll Need

  • Leather work gloves
  • Socket wrench set


  • Manuals Online: Poulan Weed Eater Edger Owners Manual pp29
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