Ideas for Lawn Art Landscaping

Your lawn art is one of the first things that people see when they visit your house. Lawn art also works in conjunction with the rest of your landscape, serving as a feature set off by the greenery and architecture in the background. The right lawn art will set your yard apart, creating a unique and impressive display for family and visitors alike.

Living Art

Mosses, vines and airplants are capable of growing on a variety of structures. Instead of putting up a plain vine trellis, why not create a piece of living lawn art? Use a variety of different plants to give your sculpture texture, or even facial features. For example, a stone face could have moss eyebrows, air plant eyes and vines for hair. Incorporate plants that require soil by embedding small pots into the sculpture.


Banners liven up your lawn and create a pleasant backdrop for your other art items. Post a row of poles with brightly colored flags on them around the border of your lawn. Banners give your lawn definition without shutting it off from the outside, and create a festive atmosphere.

Lawn Paintings

Sometimes, the lawn itself can be art. If you trim your grass at two different heights, the higher layer will look darker than the lower one. Use this effect to create simple, monochromatic images in your lawn such as slogans, paintings or abstract designs. For example, Australian artist Chris Naylor created a depiction of the Mona Lisa.

Sound Art

Sometimes the sound of lawn art is more significant than the appearance. Wind chimes are a popular form of acoustic lawn art, but there are many other devices that will make noise in a breeze. Named after the god of the wind, the ancient Greek aeolian harp will resonate in a light wind with a pleasant harmonic interval. Tubes will also hum when a wind blows over them. If you live in a windy area, make a sculpture out of tubes open at one or both ends and perpendicular to the dominant wind direction. A strong breeze will create eerie, shifting melodies on your pipes.

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