Entryway Landscaping Ideas

The entryway is more than a path to get into your house. It is a sort of gallery, where your guests must walk through a series of outdoor landscaping features to reach your door. You control what your guests will see, hear and smell on the way to your house. Use the walk to begin entertaining them before you even know they've arrived.

Smells Like Home

Welcome visitors to your home with the pleasant aromas of aromatic plants. If you enjoy floral scents, line your path with lilacs, roses or geraniums, or plant jasmine or wisteria for a heavier scent. If you enjoy cooking, whet your visitors' appetites with the scents of culinary herbs like sage, thyme, basil, mint or oregano. If you have a particularly long pathway, plant several different herbs at intervals, creating a whole series of olfactory impressions on the way to your front door.

The Whispering Entrance

Walking through the entranceway at the end of the day, we prepare to transition from the stresses of the work world to the relaxation of home. Soothing sounds help you get in the mood to let it all go. Plant bamboo and ornamental grasses along the sides of your entranceway along with Chinese lanterns, balloon flowers and other plants that rustle in the breeze. Add wind chimes and a water feature off to the side of the path. You may find your mood lightening before you even reach the door.

A Meeting Place for Friends

If you have frequent visitors to your house, your entryway may feel more like a front hall than a path. Why not make a small alcove where your guests can gather or you can wait to meet visitors? Have the front path wind to the side and spread out into a small patio with a bench. You can line the path with hedges or other plants to create a more intimate feel or leave it open for a public meeting place.

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