How to Plant Peach Seeds in Vermont


Peach trees can successfully be grown from pits that have reached maturity. Growing peaches in Vermont, however, can be challenging due to the low early-spring temperatures that are common to the state. Vermont is covered by USDA hardiness zones 3b to 5a, meaning that temperatures can drop to -15 to -35 degrees Fahrenheit. Peach buds forming on the tree in spring can be killed when temperatures drop to -15 degrees F. Peach pits should be planted in as ideal a location as possible and multiple pits should be planted to compensate for germination failures or sapling loss. Freshly harvested pits planted in the ground in late summer or started from seed will mature into fruiting age in three to five years.

Step 1

Find a planting location for your peach pits that is protected from spring frosts and severe winter cold. Choose elevated sites where cold air and frost won't pool over the soil. Plant near structures or house foundations, away from winds, on eastern or northern exposures. Avoid southern exposures as the heat can cause early buds to form that will be killed by spring frosts.

Step 2

Till up the planting site to loosen the soil with a trowel or spade. Bury the peach pit 4 inches deep in the soil with 4-inch intervals between multiple pits. Cover over with the soil and tamp down lightly to make good contact between the pit and the soil.

Step 3

Mulch over the planting and surrounding few feet with a few inches of straw, pine needles, bark, wood shavings or wood chips. Water over the mulch to wet the soil to a depth of at least 4 inches.

Step 4

Monitor the planting area throughout the winter and spring. Water the soil if the weather is dry and warm with no snow over the area.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh peach pits
  • Hand trowel
  • Organic mulch


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