What Are the Easiest Garden Plants to Start From Seed?

Growing plants from seed is an economical way to begin your gardening each spring. You can get a jump on the season by growing your seeds indoors while there is still a chance of frost, or Winter Sown.org advises a method of planting seeds outdoors in the fall and winter to sprout naturally in the early spring. It also helps if you pick plants that are easy to grow from seed.


Alyssum is a delicate plant with tiny fragrant blossoms in white, pink and purple. It is easy to grow from seed according to the National Gardening Association as well as Winter Sown.org. Alyssum seeds should be some of the first seeds that you plant, as they like cooler temperatures. When planting, you only need to barely cover the seeds with soil. As alyssum is a cool-season annual, it might die down in the heat of summer. It can also reseed in your garden from year to year on its own.


Chives are an edible and ornamental addition to your garden. The herb, on Winter Sown's list of recommended plants to start from seed, features tiny lavender blooms and fine green edible foliage, often with an onion or garlic flavor. The leaves can be harvested whole and used fresh or can be frozen for future use. The seeds need to be covered with 1/4-inch of fine soil when planting.


Yarrow is a perennial available in yellow, white, cream and various shades of apricot and pink. Its foliage resembles that of ferns, and it stays evergreen in warmer planting zones. Common yarrow can be invasive--Wildflower Information.org calls it "almost too easy to grow"--but hybrids tend to be less aggressive. Barely cover seeds with soil when planting.


Sunflowers germinate easily from seed, said the National Gardening Association, and their cheery blooms come in a variety of yellows and oranges. Many get as tall as 5 feet, but smaller versions are available as well.The sunflower is the state flower of Kansas and was used by Native Americans for cooking and for medicinal purposes. The plant and its seeds are still an important source of food and oil today. Sunflower seeds do not respond well to transplanting, so it is best to direct sow them into your garden.


Zinnias are an annual flower that are available in a multitude of bright, cherry colors that come in both single and double blooms. In addition to being a great addition to your garden, they make an excellent cut flower as well. Zinnias respond well to both planting indoors prior to frost or to direct sowing in your planting area, according to Winter Sown.

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