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There are 7,500 types of apples in the world. Most varieties are related to each other because of modern cross-breeding methods. Being able to identify apples can help you find the perfect apple for your needs. Apple identification can be simplified by looking at six key identifiers: apple type, geography, color, taste, origin and commonality. Use these identifiers to know about the most common types of apples available today.


There are three distinct types of apples. The main group of apple is the large standard apple, which is grown as fruit for cooking, juices or deserts. The next largest variety is the crab apple. This type of apple is mainly used as a flowering tree in landscape and ornamental use. The third type of apple is the dwarf apple. This apple is smaller than the edible apple and larger than crab apples.


Apples have come from various locations around the world. The British Isles are known as the birthplace of crab apples. Golden Delicious was first grown in the United States during the 1890s. The Braeburn and Jazz varieties come from New Zealand, while the Pink Lady and Granny Smith have origins in Australia.


There are color variations that can help in apple identification. Apples that are glossy green and remain so until early winter are the Granny Smith variety. Golden Delicious is another variety of green color but softer than Granny Smith. Apples that have a dry pink color with green stripes are Fuji apples. Red Delicious apples have a deep glossy red color. Pink Ladies are distinctive in that they are a two-tone apple, starting pink on one side and fading to green on the opposite side. Cox Pippen is an orange-colored apple.


The biggest geographical range of apple is the crab apple, which can be found in any part of the Northern Hemisphere. Apples can be grown anywhere in the United States except for the Southernmost states such as Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. Apples can have specific growing regions, such as the Fuji apple from Japan. The Pink Lady can be found growing in South Africa, southern Europe, Australia and the United States.


Apples have various flavors depending on the type of apple. Apple identification can be made by the taste of the apple. Honeycrisp apples have a sweet taste, while a tart taste is associated with Granny Smith apples. Three apples are preferred in pies: Northern Spy, Liberty and Golden Delicious. A crisp apple taste can be found in Macoun apple varieties.

Most Common

Three apple types are seen in most supermarkets, making these the apples most identified by people: the Golden Delicious, Granny Smith and Red Delicious.

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