How to Care for Green Pineapple Plants


The pineapple plant is a terrestrial plant of the Bromeliad family and the only member of the family with edible fruit. This plant is grown from harvested crowns, slips and suckers. Native to South America, the pineapple grows up to four feet in height. The green pineapple is a strain of the "Sugarloaf" pineapple, also native to South America. Like other pineapples, its long foliage develops a prickly tip and grows in a spiral formation. The pineapple fruit can take up to 18 months to develop, producing a green fruit with juicy yet slightly acidic flesh.

Step 1

Plant the green pineapple plant in well-drained, sandy loam. Ensure that the location has a high organic content.

Step 2

Conduct a soil pH test test if unsure of the current pH levels, which should be between 4.5 and 6.5. Take a sample of the soil from approximately 6 feet below the surface. Adjust the soil levels with lime or sulfur, if necessary, or choose a different planting location.

Step 3

Irrigate the drought-tolerant pineapple plant infrequently. Provide the plant with no more than 1 inch of water semi-monthly. Adjust the irrigation schedule for rainfall. Avoid over-watering as this can cause the death of the plant.

Step 4

Feed the green pineapple plant regularly to promote increased fruit size. Fertilize the plant approximately every eight weeks using a well-balanced, slow-release combination such as a 10-10-10 or 6-6-6. Start young plants with one to two oz. of fertilizer and slowly increase the amount as the plant grows.

Step 5

Keep lawn mowers and other power equipment away from outdoor green pineapple plants to prevent injury. Prevent lawn fertilizers from bleeding over to the pineapple area to avoid over-fertilization.

Step 6

Place a two- to six-inch layer of mulch around the base of the pineapple plant, keeping the mulch approximately one foot from the stem of the plant.

Step 7

Stake the green pineapple, as necessary, to maintain an upright growth. Use a wooden stake, not wire or rope, to assist the plant in supporting the weight of the developing pineapple.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer
  • pH test kit
  • Lime or sulfur (optional)
  • Mulch
  • Wooden stake (optional)


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