How to Grow Jalapeno in the Aero Garden


The Aero Garden planting system uses the aeroponics method---a soil-free technique that employs water and nutrients on bare plant roots to grow fruits and vegetables like jalapeno peppers. This system bypasses many problems that pepper growers frequently face, such as pests and weeds. Even better, your jalapenos are harvested indoors during a four-month period and may be continuously grown throughout the year.

Step 1

Plug your Aero Garden into an electrical outlet. Pour water into the water basin until it reaches the fill line that is marked on the side. Add the nutrients included with the Aero Garden by dropping a tablet in the water.

Step 2

Place one jalapeno seed in each planting pod in the provided openings in the nutrient bar.

Step 3

Place the included lids over each pod to provide a terrarium service for your growing jalapenos. Once the seedling plants emerge (germinate), remove the lids.

Step 4

Press the button on the back of the Aero Garden lamp post and pull the light up to raise it as your jalapenos grow taller. Jalapenos do best with 1 to 2 inches of space between the top of the plant and the light.

Step 5

Place the included nutrient tablet in the water basin every two weeks from your planting date and continue to monitor the water level. Although the Aero Garden provides a water-level meter, this device is not always accurate so it is best to check inside the basin.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not plant different seed kits in your Aero Garden because the nutrient tablets are specially made for the package they came in, and mixing tablets can harm the plants.


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