Decorative Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping your front yard will accentuate your home. Show off your home's best assets by decorating your yard to create curb appeal. Whether you have a large yard or a small compact space, making the most out of your space will help you create an area that will get some attention. Sticking within your budget and utilizing what you already have will help you create an attractive landscaped area. Start off with a design style and then build your look from there.


The whimsical look is very attractive in any landscape. There is a large selection of whimsical and fun items that are available through local nursery centers as well as artisans who sell their work at craft shows or specialty shops. The whimsical style begins with bright colors that stand out. Create a decorative landscape by locating the largest items first. If you already have a colorful garden you may want to add a fountain to become your focal point. Near the fountain add decorative accents such as fairy plant sticks, ladybug garden stakes or metal flower petal stakes. Stakes that bobble are also popular. Accent areas with greenery such as near bushes or plants like hostas with colorful whimsy items like iridescent butterflies, solar speckled garden globes and spinners with small gazing globes and faux jewels. Accent with ceramic items like fairies, gnomes and animals.


Country is a good decorative landscape idea if you live on a farm or wish to portray a cozier look to your yard. Accentuate with picket fences and weathered ladders. Hang rustic birdhouses, metal lawn art and garden signs to the ladder and fences. Plant a variety of country favorites such as roses, hollyhocks, black-eyed Susan's and cosmos. Reuse farm items like a coal haul or old weathered chair to create colorful flower holders. Accent these flower holders in bare spots or corners where flowers don't grow. Highlight edges with stone or old bricks from around the homestead. Place plenty of bird feeders around the area and accent with old-fashioned bushes such as a butterfly bush, lilac bush or hydrangea.


If you have a newer home or are looking for a more modern or contemporary, yet decorative, landscape design, stick to sleek clean lines. Work up asymmetrical beds around the perimeter of the home and around trees and near the road. Make sure you line the beds with a weed preventative. Add decorative evergreen bushes that can be shaped and molded. Fill in with mulch or decorative pebbles. Add solar lighting for accents. Plant flowering dwarf trees such as weeping cherry for a splash of color. Refrain from adding excess yard accents such as plastic windmills and statuary.

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