How to Plant White Pine Seeds


The white pine (Pinus strobus) is a large evergreen tree that can reach over 100 feet in height and live from 200 to 400 years. Although the white pine can grow in many soils, it thrives in locations with sandy loam. Native to North America, the white pine bears long cones that mature in late summer. While the United States Forestry Service recommends that you sow the white pine seed directly into the ground in the fall, you can also start them indoors in the spring.

Step 1

Pour moist sand into a plastic bag and insert the seeds into it. There should be three times as much sand as seed and the seeds should be covered by the sand.

Step 2

Secure the bag and place it in the refrigerator. The bag will need to remain there, at temperatures between 36 to 38 degrees F, for 90 days.

Step 3

Fill the seeding tray with a mixture of equal parts of seeding soil and sand. Water the soil, allowing the tray to drain.

Step 4

Insert the seeds four times their length into the soil. Place the tray in a shady, cool area and keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Step 5

Transplant the seedlings into the ground in the fall. Dig up the planting area to a depth of 12 inches, using the gardening fork to crush any large clumps and fluff the soil.

Step 6

Remove the seedlings from the tray carefully and place them in holes, 6 inches apart, that are the same depth as the seedlings were in their tray and three times the width of the seedlings' root balls. Cover the roots with soil and water until the water begins to puddle.

Things You'll Need

  • Sand
  • Plastic bag
  • Seeding tray
  • Seeding soil
  • Gardening fork


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