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Decorative garden projects add visual interest to your garden space. Colorful fountains and hanging objects draw the eye from flowers and foliage growing along the ground upwards to the tree limbs and fence line. Sprinkle your garden with whimsical projects designed to accentuate its natural beauty.

Decorative Trellis

One project for your garden that's both useful and decorative is a simple trellis made from yard sticks or thin strips of scrap wood. Spray paint the wooden sticks in a variety of colors. Create the frame for the arbor by attaching the sticks one to another vertically and horizontally to the desired dimensions. Decking nails are a good choice for securing the strips together as they will weather better than wood nails. Create an abstract design by randomly placing wood strips across the center of the trellis frame. Join the strips together at odd angles to add interest to the project.

Garden Ornaments

Copper garden ornaments are decorative additions for any type of garden. Copper foil cuts easily and may be embossed or engraved with a stylus and a small amount of pressure. You can also paint copper foil to add color to the garden ornaments. Cut the foil with sharp shears or tin snips into the desired shape. Puncture a hole in the top to thread a bit of wire for a hanger. Embellish the ornament with dangling crystals and glass beads that throw rainbows of light across the garden path. Fishing line or thin copper wire works to attach and hang beads or crystals from the copper ornament.

Garden Fountains

Create a simple garden fountain from a large urn or terracotta planter. Seal any drainage holes with plumber's putty or silicone sealant. Add a submersible pump and an attached fountain head inside the planter to circulate the water. You can also make a more decorative fountain to hang on a garden wall or a garden fence. Cover a sheet of marine plywood with mosaic tiles, river rocks or slate stones. Leave a hole in the center for the fountain spout or let the water fall over the top of the structure. A sealed planter beneath the decorative fountain structure acts as the reservoir for the water. The planter houses the fountain pump. Run plastic or copper tubing from the fountain to the spout opening or to the top of the fountain structure. The tubing carries the water that flows from the fountain and back to the reservoir.

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