What Flowers to Plant in March

March brings to the garden warmer climates and the mark that spring is here. Planting flowers during March gives you a start to a rich and colorful summer and fall garden. Many flowers such as bulbs and tubers require a spring planting to ensure a summer-blooming growing season. Other flowers can be divided in March to plant around the landscape for a flower-filled landscape. Once established, sit back and watch the garden flourish and grow.


Dahlia (Dahlia) flowers are striking summer to fall blooming flowers that require a planting in March. Their tuberous roots require a planting depth of 3 inches and a spacing of 12 to 36 inches wide. Dahlia flowers have distinct flowerheads that grow in a wide range of bright colors including, orange, red, yellow and purple. Ideal as a fresh cut flower, dahlia flowers have upright, tall stems that hold the toothed, dark green leaves. Grown in a mixed perennial garden, dahlia flowers create a vibrant garden display. Dahlia flowers require full sun and well-drained, moist soil. The USDA Hardiness Zone for planting is 4 to 11.

Rain Lily

Rain lilies (Habranthus robustus) are flower bulbs to plant in March to produce blooms during their summer flowering season. Plant the rain lily bulbs 3 to 4 inches deep and 6 inches wide. Growing 6 to 12 inches tall and less than 6 inches wide, rain lilies are ideal flowers to tuck along a perennial bed for a splash of color to the garden. Rain lily blooms flowers come in a variety of colors including, red, pink, copper and white and bloom above their deep purple foliage. Rain lilies require full sun and well-drained, fertile soils that is neutral to alkaline. The zone for planting is 7 to 10.


Canna (Canna) flowers produce colorful blooms in summer to light up the garden with vibrancy. Plant the canna flower in spring at a planting depth of 4 inches. Space the canna bulbs 9 to 15 inches wide to ensure adequate space for maximum growth. Drought-tolerant, canna tolerate poor soil but prefer well-drained, moist and nutrient-rich soil. The tropical looking blooms of the canna flowers grow in a variety of bright colors including, orange, yellow, pink and red. The dark green upright stems and large leaves contrast with the bright blooms to create a jungly feel to the garden. Canna flowers prefer full sun to thrive. The zone for planting is 3 to 11.

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