How to Mix Vegetable Peels in a Garden


Don't throw out your vegetable peels when you can recycle them. Vegetable peels add nutrients to the soil in your garden through composting. Create a compost pile, and mix the vegetable peel compost in with your garden soil.

Step 1

Save yard clippings and fallen leaves. Run them over with your lawn mower to chop them up in to smaller pieces.

Step 2

Place a layer of your yard clippings in the bottom of a compost bin. Ideally, the compost bin should be 3-by-3-by-3 feet. This is the best size for a compost bin because it hold heat in the best.

Step 3

Place a layer of vegetable peels on top of the layer of yard clippings. Vegetable peels contain nitrogen, enabling materials in the compost pile to break down faster.

Step 4

Water the compost pile.

Step 5

Repeat adding layers of yard clippings and vegetable peels until your compost bin is full. Water the compost pile after adding each set of layers.

Step 6

Mix the pile together with a rake, and cover with a tarp. The tarp will retain the heat so the material decomposes. Ideal compost temperature in the center of the bin pile is at least 90 degrees F. Use a long thermometer to check the temperature.

Step 7

Mix the decomposed vegetable peel compost in with your garden soil when you plant new seeds.

Tips and Warnings

  • You may smell an odor coming from the compost pile. This is normal, and means the items in the compost pile are decaying.

Things You'll Need

  • Yard clippings
  • Lawn mower
  • Compost bin
  • Vegetable peels
  • Rake
  • Tarp
  • Thermometer


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