How to Feed an Organic Tomato Plant


Organic tomatoes are those plants raised to maturity without the use of chemical-based herbicides, pesticides or fertilizer. Feeding an organic tomato plant begins in the garden before the tomato is in the ground. Preparing the tomato bed with the addition of mature compost is a sure-fire way to get the tomatoes off to a good start. After the plants are in the ground, there are several methods of organically feeding the plants until harvest time.

Step 1

Lay down a thick layer of mulch around the tomato plants as soon as they are in the ground and watered in. The mulch will help preserve moisture to the plants and cut down on insect problems.

Step 2

Spray the tomato plants weekly with a solution of liquid seaweed. Follow the instructions on the seaweed label as far as water/seaweed ratio is concerned.

Step 3

Side dress the plants with mature compost when the organic tomatoes begin flowering.

Step 4

Spray the area around the plants with a manure tea when the fruit first begin to appear. Do not spray directly on the leaves or fruit of the tomatoes.

Things You'll Need

  • Straw or hay mulch
  • Liquid seaweed
  • Manure tea
  • Mature compost


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