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The green jade plant is a hardy house plant, also known as the Chinese rubber tree or money plant. The jade plant is considered good luck, as its leaves look like small coins, and is believed to bring money into the home. Even if this isn't true, the plant is easy to take care of and good as a houseplant.


The jade plant boasts thick, round or oval leaves dark-green, blue-gray or edge in red in color. The trunks grow thick and brown. White or pink flowers appear on the plant in the winter in star-shaped clusters. Jade plants look like old plants and are often used as bonsai plants.

Disease and Pests

Jade plants are disease resistant and rarely succumb to fungi or wilting disease. Over-watering is a common issue with jade plants however. Soil mixture in the jade pot should drain quickly and watering should be kept to when the soil is dry on the surface. Mealy bugs are the most common insects to attack the jade plant. They can be removed using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.


Placing the jade plant in a sunny area location will keep the plant healthy. When a jade plant is receiving enough sunlight, the leaves will turn slightly reddish in color.

Height and Growth

Some jade plants can grow up to 10 feet in height, so regular pruning may be required to keep it to a desirable height in the home. Cutting the top of the bonsai plant every spring trains it to grow to that height. Plants that are too top heavy may lean. Pruning the branches of the tree back to the first bud along the stem will reduce weight and improve air circulation to the plant. Re-potting is required only when the root system becomes too large for the pot it is in. If the plant begins to droop, the plant will require a transplant.


Jade plants do not require a large amount of fertilizer, so application should be once every three to four months. Liquid houseplant fertilizer with a fast release formulation will suffice.

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