Types of Sod Grass

Sod is a convenient way to obtain a lush, green lawn within a couple of hours, whether you want to cover an entire landscape or just fill in some bare spots. Sod comes in many varieties suited to particular environments, climates or uses. Make sure the sod you choose is healthy by looking for a uniform green color, no thatch, moist soil around the roots and lush grass at least 2 inches long. Finding the sod that works best for your landscape is key to creating the healthiest lawn possible.

Bermuda Sod

This variety is ideal for southern regions of the United States, as well as for sporting fields, pastures, golf courses and parks. Bermuda grass thrives in hot, dry climates, with a density that causes the sod to stay sturdy and upright. The blades have a coarse, stiff texture, and the color is consistently medium bright green. Bermuda grass needs minimal maintenance but takes awhile to establish (up to one month).

St. Augustine Sod

This sod variety is not for hot, arid or dry climates. St. Augustine grass thrives in temperate or moist climates, and establishes roots within about three weeks. With thick, coarse blades, St. Augustine grass is dark emerald green, providing an aesthetic appeal.

Zoysia Sod

Zoysia grass is stable, versatile and low-maintenance, although this variety takes awhile to establish roots. Zoysia is very hardy and thrives in conditions that range from full sun to full shade. This sod is ideal for colder climates, and easily maintains a light green hue.

Centipede Sod

For those who want sod that spreads and establishes quickly, centipede grass is a safe bet. This variety grows in hot or cold conditions and not only resists weeds that can overpower other sod varieties, but is resilient to its surroundings. This variety is a light to medium green.

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