How to Support a Stake Cage for Tomato Plants


Tomatoes are a common vegetable in the home garden. Simple enough to grow for even the novice gardener, tomatoes produce a bountiful crop when properly cared for. Tomato plants are a bushy vine, so support is necessary or they sprawl on the ground under the weight of their fruit. Tomato cages provide a simple to use plant support. They are slipped over the plants when they are young, and support the plant as it grows without the need of constant tying. Most purchased cages have small stakes that do little to support the cage once the plant is fully grown.

Step 1

Place the cage over the tomato soon after transplanting it to the garden. Push the short metal stakes into the ground to anchor the cage. Most cages are narrower on the bottom and wider at the top, with attached stakes of 4 to 6 inches long.

Step 2

Drive a 5- to 6-foot tall wooden stake into the ground beside the tomato cage. Use a mallet to drive the stake 1 foot into the ground. Drive a second stake into the ground on the other side of the cage.

Step 3

Tie the tomato cage to the stake above each horizontal wire on the cage. Most cages have three horizontal wires but some have more. Use cloth plant ties to secure the cage to the stakes or use plastic zip ties.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not drive in stakes around mature tomato plants. The stakes may sever a root and damage the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Tomato cage
  • Wooden stakes
  • Mallet
  • Plant ties
  • Zip ties


  • University of Minnesota Extension: Trellises and Cages To Support Garden Vegetables
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