What Kinds of Flowers Are Good for Window Boxes?

Window boxes provide a quick way to add color and texture to your home. With proper drainage and a high quality potting mix, you can grow a profusion of flowers in the boxes. Choosing small-sized plants that bloom at different times and have colorful foliage gives your window box diversity.

Night Blooms

A window box filled with night-blooming flowers delights the senses. Locate the box under a bedroom window for a perfumed breeze. Plant moonflower (Ipomoea alba) in the front of the planting box. The trailing vine will cascade over the sides and create a showy display with its fragrant white flowers. The blooms open in the evening during the summer and fall. You can grow this tender perennial as an annual in climates cooler than zone 10. Behind the moonflower, plant Oenothera varieties, commonly known as evening primrose. The sunny yellow, pink or white flowers open in the late afternoon and early evening. The fragrant blooms reach up to 5 inches. The plants grow 1 to 2 feet tall in zones 4 through 9.


A variety of shade-tolerant flowers fills a window box with color. Used on areas that receive only partial sun, these blooms will brighten the home. English primrose (Primula vulgaris) makes a fantastic choice for the window box. The plant has bright green leaves and clusters of fragrant flowers in spring that range in hue from dark purple to bright yellow. English primrose grows 6 to 9 inches tall in zones 3 to 8. Another choice for the shaded window box, the sweet violet (Viola odorata) has semi-evergreen leaves. The spreading plant grows in zone 6 and up. The dark green leaves contrast nicely with an abundance of scented rose, white or violet flowers. Sweet violet stays small, reaching only 8 inches high. For the front of the box, choose a vine such as periwinkle (Vinca minor). Train the vine to grow over the front and sides of the box. Periwinkle has glossy green leaves and purple flowers. It grows in zones 4 through 10.


You can choose from an array of flowers for a window box located in a sunny location. Smaller species of chrysanthemum, such as "Little Princess," provide late summer and fall color. The plant has green leaves topped with flowers in reds, white and pink. Chrysanthemums survive in zones 4 to 10. Another choice for the sunny box, geraniums come in many sizes and colors. Dalmatian cranesbill (Geranium dalmaticum) has a small size suited to container gardens. The light green leaves turn orange-red in the fall. Light pink flowers cover the plant in late spring. It grows to 6 inches in zones 4 through 8.

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