Home Remedies to Keep Rabbits Out of the Garden

Rabbits love to dine and dash in your vegetable patch, browsing on their favorite greens and ruining all your hard work. While there are several home remedies to prevent this happening, some will work better than others and experimentation may be necessary to establish the remedy that works best for you and your rabbit population.


To deter rabbits, construct a two-foot-tall poultry wire fence around your garden, with no more than two-inch gaps in the wire. Rabbits tend to dig under fences to reach their favorite goodies; to remedy this, dig a shallow trench six inches deep. Set the bottom of the poultry wire in the base of the trench and shovel dirt back in it until it's level with the ground. Rabbits are not climbers, and will leave your garden alone and pick an easier target for a free meal.


Rabbits scare easily, especially when they smell the enemy, which may be a dog, cats, humans, coyotes or foxes. Spraying urine around your garden as a rabbit preventative keeps the midnight munchers at bay, saving your precious crops to feed your family. Used kitty litter may be dumped or scattered around your garden instead of merely thrown away in the trash. You may purchase fox and coyote urine at your local sporting goods store.

Hair Clippings

Hair clippings scattered around your vegetable patch is an excellent rabbit deterrent that plays on their sense of fear. The smell of humans makes rabbits believe there are people around and they soon back off your veggies. You may easily acquire bags full of hair clippings from your local hairdresser's free of charge. Pet hair works just as well as human hair; simply collect and save your pet's hair after grooming and scatter it around your veggies. The hair clippings will eventually break down, enriching your garden soil.

Humane Rabbit Traps

Trapping rabbits in humane traps and transporting them to a rural location away from vegetable gardens is a viable option to reduce your local rabbit population. Bait your traps with tempting morsels like apple quarters or fresh carrot sticks and lettuce leaves, and set the traps as per instructions that come with the traps. Scattering red pepper flakes around your vegetable patch is said to ward off rabbits just as well as chili juice at a dilution of one tablespoon per gallon of water sprayed on and around your vegetable plants.

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