Lawn Mowing Tips & Tricks

Mowing your lawn keeps your grass lush and green. No matter what variety of grass is on your lawn, it will always need to be trimmed with a lawn mower. Proper lawn maintenance involves continuously maintaining the mowing equipment, taking advantage of the clippings, and knowing how often and much you should mow the lawn.

Take Care Of the Mowing Supples

Your lawn mower needs routine maintenance and care year-round. If the lawn equipment isn't in top shape, the lawn won't be, either. Sharpen the blades with a grinder or file every couple of uses, because dull blades make an uneven cut on the lawn. Change the air filter approximately every 25 hours of use. A dirty filter means the engine won't run correctly. Every 50 hours of use, drain the engine oil and replace it with clean oil. Replace the spark plugs after 100 hours of use. Replace any damaged or worn-out belts promptly. Clean under the drive cover twice each season.

Cutting The Grass

Keep the cutting height of the mower around 3 inches in order to keep lawn maintenance to a minimum. When grass blades are trimmed too short, the root system becomes smaller, making grass susceptible to weed growth, dehydration, insect infestation and disease. Mow your lawn a couple times per month in warm seasons and about once a week in spring and fall.

Take Advantage of the Clippings

Use the grass clippings as a fertilizer/mulch for your lawn. Leave the clippings on to provide more nutrients to the soil, to insulate and protect the grass roots and to retain more water. This cuts down on the need for mulch and fertilizer and can cut your lawn maintenance time by around 30 percent, according to All About Lawns.

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