How to Fix a Leak in a Garden Hose


Leaks in garden hoses are a normal occurrence. Most leaks occur from the fact that the sealing washer that fits inside the female hose coupling has fallen out or is cracked and worn. Replacing the small rubber washer is quick fix and will save a lot of water. The other type of garden hose leak comes from either a cracked or broken hose. These types of repairs take a little more effort and the use of a couple of hand tools. Regardless of the problem, most garden hose leaks can be fixed in 15 minutes or less.

Step 1

Inspect the inside of the female connection on the garden hose. Use the end of the pocketknife blade to pry out the old hose washer. Install a new hose washer by pressing a new one inside the female hose connector.

Step 2

Use the pocketknife and cut out any breaks or leaky portions of the hose.

Step 3

Loosen the four screws on the two ends of the garden hose repair connector with a screwdriver. Typically most garden hose repair connectors have two clamps, one on each end, held in place with two screws. Remove the clamps. The male inserts will be revealed.

Step 4

Insert the male ends of the hose repair connector into each end of the cut hose.

Step 5

Place the clamp over the hose and the male insert. Tighten the screws. This will hold the connector in place and seal against water leaking. Once all is secure, the hose is ready for use.

Things You'll Need

  • Pocketknife
  • Garden hose washers
  • Screwdriver
  • Garden hose repair connector (correct size for garden hose)


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